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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I don't usually write posts like this one, but it’s a good way to check in and record everyday life. 

Lately, I have been:

Watching The Good Wife. Let’s talk about Peter Florrick (Chris Noth)for a second, how good looking is he?! Here is a photo of Chris Noth when he was younger. He has aged so well.

Reading The Book Thief and The Really Bad Girls of the Bible. I am equally obsessed with these books. The Book Thief is a novel about death and has so many amazing hidden messages, while the Really Bad Girls of the Bible relates everyday life to the bible stories of some extraordinary women whose lives where changed by Christ. A must read if you are into happy endings!

Eating rice pudding and chicken breast. Can we take a moment to talk about chicken breast. Those who know me are aware of my love and hate relationship with meat. I was a vegetarian and self acclaimed animals activist for several years and sometimes find myself having a hard time enjoying meat. Lately, I have been craving it more and enjoying it more. This is a good thing, considering chicken is a great source of protein and I need to increase my intake.

Wearing these pants, non-stop. They are so comfortable I have had them in rotation with basic summer tops and statement necklaces.

Looking for things to do during the weekend. I have difficulty making time to do fun activities due to my hectic schedule, but I am trying to fit in as many fun activities as possible before summer ends. A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I took the Newport boat ride around the harbor, where I took this beautiful photo.

Planning my trip to Puerto Rico next month and my birthday week. Hello, 26! (insert excited)

Using this Benefit Pore Minimizing balm. Obsessed doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about it. My make up looks smoother and lasts longer.

Loving these Valentino shoes, and considering them as a birthday present, from me to me.


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