The Best Boyfriend

Thursday, June 4, 2015

This pair of boyfriend jeans deserve the best boyfriend jeans award. They are comfortable, but accentuate the body just the right way.

Top: H&MJeans: GapShoes: Jessica SimpsonBag: Louis VouittonWatch: Guess

I was awarded the Liebster Award by the lovely blog For A Lucky Girl. I have answered 11 questions about myself below. In order to make this more fun, I have decided to extend this award to each of you. Please answer these 11 questions on your blog and let me know on a comment below. I would love to get to know you better! XO.
1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
 Ready? The sound people make when they eat Doritos. I cannot sit next to somebody eating them. It bothers me so much that if I have no option and find myself obligated to sit next to someone who is eating them, I will eat some too in order to block out the noise with my own noise. I know, weird! I did ask if you were ready.
2. What would you sing at Karaoke night?
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You -Lauryn Hill.
3. If you could have dinner with any celebrity (dead or alive) who would you dine with?

Esther from the Hebrew Bible. She was graceful, brave, loyal to
her people, and faithful to God. She was an orphan who had nothing, but became the queen of the Persian Empire, and did a beast of a job at it.
4. What is your top played song on iTunes?

It changes every week, but my favorite song this week has been “Song
of Solomon by Jesus Culture “. This song reminds me how big the love of God is for me. He has always been there through the valleys, and the dark of night. The biggest mountain and the deepest of the sea seem so small before Him. It’s refreshing to have a love like that.

5. If you had to pick your last meal on Earth what would it be?
The Caribbean girl in me loves everything seafood. I would go with a seafood paella. 
6. If you could live in the world of any movie/book/TV show, what story would you live in?
If I had to pick one movie, it would be the Time Traveler’s Wife or Inception. I love the Time Traveler’s Wife because of the beautiful scenery, and the love story behind it. But Inception would be my second choice. I would not mind being stuck in time with Leonardo DiCaprio ;)

7. How do you eat your Oreos? One bite at a time.

8. If you could be anyone in the world (besides yourself) would you do it? Who would you be?
No, I love myself even though that was not always the case. I
wish I could go back to my teenage years. I would tell myself to stop worrying, and that everything was going to turn out great.
9. Who is your ultimate fashion icon?
Oscar De La Renta for his timeless, simple, and elegant
10. What is the funniest pick-up line that has been used on you?
I have a long list of horrible pick up lines, but the most
recent one happened at the car wash.  A guy approached me while I waited for my car, and it went something like this:
Guy: Shaniqua, remember me? We went to high schooltogether.
Me: I am not Shaniqua, and I do not know you.
Guy: Sorry, you just look so familiar. Would you give me your number?
You can imagine how that ended after such a horrible pick up line.

11. Do you watch Star Wars in chronological order (4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3) or in numeric order? I have never watched Star Wars. And, I intend to keep it that way
Thank you so much for the nomination! It was so much fun sharing details about me. Can't wait to read your answers!


  1. Ha, what a strange pet peeve! I guess we all have that thing that drives us crazy. Love this outfit. Those shoes are perfection.


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