Acts of love: self love

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nothing says I love me more than the simple act of putting on lotion on my dry skin because I deserve soft-touchable skin. Going grocery shopping knowing I deserve a daily portion of vegetables and an overall healthy diet. Buying myself flowers and a live plant. Applying blush before leaving the house. Booking a massage for Valentine's day. Putting on my favorite pair of earrings to stay home. Lightning an scented candle because I want to smell flowers after my real ones have died.

Care to share your acts of self-love? I would love to read about it :)


  1. Buying little samples of fine cheeses and a baguette and sharing them! But booking a massage for Valentine's Day - that's serious self-love :)

  2. Reading a book that's like an old friend. Wearing pretty clothes, even when I'm not leaving the house. Reading Bible scriptures about God's love for me (well everyone, but I sometimes like to think of them as directly written to me). Watching Gilmore Girls.


  3. @ Sarah: I love your idea of ordering and sharing the fine samples of cheese.

    @Jenn: I feel the same way about God's love, I love thinking the bible was written for me ;)

  4. beautiful photo :)

  5. Wow, this was a great post!! i dont know what i do for self love really.. i work out, but i dont know if its the self love or self hate part...

    I do some times light a scented candle in my room, and listen to an audiobook, with way to high heat on my electric heater!! love it!!

    love K

  6. awww, what an amazing picture!

  7. Listen to my favorite song on repeat just because I can. LOVE doing that.
    And I also love that applying blush before leaving the house is an act of your self love. I never thought of it that way because it's such a little simple thing, but I really like that idea.

  8. I love to buy myself flowers - it's the main ting for me. Using scented body wash during a steaming hot shower, lazy mornings in bed with my favourite book. Putting my makeup on.

  9. THIS is great, what a wonderful writer you are, are you going to school for English?
    wow, loved this so so so sweet and precious...


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