Relationships Series: Expectations

Sunday, December 9, 2012

When I read that Courtney, Gina and Morgan were starting a series on relationships and that the theme for the first week was expectations, I couldn’t resist the idea of participating on this thought-provoking topic.

When questioning my own relationships and expectations, I kept thinking about musical composition, songwriting to be exact, and how the chosen melody sets off the mood and has a permanent effect on the written lyrics.

I am not married or in a relationship, but I like to think I’m using this period of singlehood wisely and that I will have developed a breathtaking relationship with myself by the time Mr. Right comes along the way. And, because the relationship we develop with ourselves tend to affect the course of our relationships with others, I want to discuss that kind of bond:

A connection with oneself is more than a relationship, its characterized by the unbreakable binding force of friendship. To be friends with others, you need to start by being friends with yourself first. But what does it mean to be friends with oneself?
The key ingredient of any relationship (regardless of its nature) is respect. Loving oneself and others enough to show continuous reverence is a promising foundation for any relationship.
Respecting others and myself enough to love without reservations,  remaining true and faithful, disagreeing in a polite manner, and the knowledge that love is founded in patience and perseverance are the expectations I bring into relationships and plan on taking away.
After questioning my own relationships and expectations, one retort is evident –I want my relationships to be guide by the rhythm of respect.


  1. oh this is so wise. i am so glad you wrote this and gave such a great perspective. singlehood is a fabulous time to start thinking about those expectations and pruning yourself and your expectations for your future mate. i love the symbolism of the rhythm. when you find that person who makes yours beat, i have no doubts you will love him to the ends of this earth. your heart is so lovely. xo

  2. Great post Ana. I love the way you wrote this about being friends with yourself and how that sets the tone of the rest of your relationships. Great advice!

  3. LOVE this post! I think every single girl out there needs to read this... I'm sad to say it, but I think it's natural for women to beat themselves up on a daily base. We are never satisfied with our image, personality, etc. And that is WRONG! It is extremely important that we have a good relationship with ourselves.. and that will carry over to our relationships with others!

  4. How beautiful it can be when it starts off that way, so so introspective of you, I totally agree!
    I am so glad you joined us today hon!

  5. beautifully said and exactly what I needed to read today. Though I'm at a slightly different spot, I need to still reflect on the relationship with myself even while in a common law relationship. I think keeping a strong connection with yourself also helps longevity in a relationship with someone else. It's something we always have to be working on!

  6. I really enjoyed your post Ana! You have a great writing style.



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