Jamaica (Day I)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

After checking in at the resort -my friend, and I explored the seven mile private beach for hours. We had dinner at a small Italian restaurant by the beach, everything was perfect until a local man tried to assault us on our way back to the Resort (thank goodness I had a pepper spray bottle in hand).

One thing became evident on our first night in Negril: the night life was dangerous. My friend, and I concluded to have dinner early, and be back to the resort by 7:30 (just to be safe).

Note to girls: If you visit Jamaica, go with at least three girlfriends, or a super-muscular-tall guy. 


  1. oh.my.god. this is intense! I am so happy to hear you are ok!! so scary! I will keep that in mind if I am ever visiting Jamaica. Which, after your lovely photos, I may have to do- with a big muscular man, of course, LOL!

  2. I was just about to comment how amazing the pictures looked and how much I want to go to Jamaica when I read the part about almost being assaulted. :( So sorry you went through that. It's a shame that travel can be tainted by those kinds of experiences.

  3. Hey! The pictures are great! Wish you to have a good time there and please be careful :)


  4. OMG! That's terrible about the assault attempt- what a creep and thank goodness you had pepper spray, I would have freaked out! These photos look so beautiful though!


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