Book review: Mountains Beyond Mountains

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mountains beyond mountains is not just a book, it's a biography about a man whose life should be described as one of dedication and change. Dr. Farmer is an American who grew up in a family that lacked many things but not perseverance. As a young man, he became a Harvard medicine student and somehow fell in love with Haiti while doing an internship there. What astonished me about his biography is the way he gave, without limits. He gave up his family, first love, comfort, and the upscale life he could have had as a recognized doctor in Boston to move to Haiti and provide medical care for those in need. I couldn't help but ask myself what am I doing to better the world? If you are looking to be inspired, you should read this book.

The beauty in human columns

There is something to be said about columns (or pillars), about their imposing shape, strength, beauty, support, and purpose. As a child, I found my column in human form: enclosed in my grandfather's body... He, himself, was (and still is) my column, my father figure, my role model, and the man who sustained me -the same way a group of pillars bear the weight of what's above and below them. There is something to be said about a man who takes responsibility, who builds without destroying, who is the strength and support of a household, who knows there is beauty in purpose. Such man deserves to be praised.


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